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Public Affairs leads and manages content creation and curation on several universitywide platforms and channels. Public Affairs strives to share and promote content pieces that strategically communicate the value of the university and connect with our audiences. We are always happy to brainstorm ideas and plans to ensure we are using our channels to help accomplish CCO goals in collaborative, strategic ways.

For a complete list of the Public Affairs-owned content channels, see our Communication Vehicles.

Things to know

Though each content-sharing decision is different, here are factors we consider when choosing content for universitywide channels:

  • Is the content relevant to the university?
  • Is it timely to current events?
  • Does it illustrate a strategic goal or mission of the university?
  • Is it aligned with leadership priorities or critical topics?
  • Does it build the university‚Äôs reputation?
  • Does it appeal to a broad audience? Will it connect with the audiences on our channels? (Note: Most Public Affairs channels face very large and very broad audiences by nature. Content pieces with niche audiences or messages are typically not great fits for our channels.)
  • Is the content piece high quality?
  • Are there compelling, high-quality images or graphics available?
  • Does the content piece fit the channel?

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If you have a story that may fit the criteria above, reach out to our content creators and channel managers for further questions. The best way to reach us is through the Story Form.