Public Affairs Resources


Communications Resources

In addition to the services that Public Affairs provides, there are a variety of different resources and guides that may be useful to campus communicators. While Public Affairs maintains some of these resources, some are managed by other campus offices.

  • Training Modules
    Public Affairs offers training to assist university communicators.
  • Illinois Video Database
    High-quality stock footage of the campus is available to campus faculty and staff for instructional purposes and in promotional videos.
  • Storyblocks
    All faculty and staff on the Urbana campus can use Storyblocks’ off-campus stock video, still images, music beds and motion graphic templates for instructional purposes and to create promotional/marketing videos.
  • Zoom Virtual Backgrounds
    Choose from a variety of University of Illinois inspired backgrounds for your online Zoom meetings.
  • Model Release Forms
    If you are planning to use an individual’s image or likeness in media such as photographs, video, etc., you should request written permission to do so.
  • Photography Resources
    If you want to use images from your event in future print or web materials, you might consider hiring a photographer.
  • Massmail Archive
    If you missed a particular massmail email message, you can find a copy in the Massmail Archive.
  • Writing Style Guide
    Campus communicators should use this guide to prepare print and digital external university communications intended for general audiences.
  • Pronunciation Guide
    When it comes to representing the university well, correct pronunciation is nearly as important as correct factual details. There are several Illinois buildings and names that can be difficult to pronounce correctly by looking at spelling alone.
  • Quad Cam and Alma Cam
    These two webcams allow give you a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening on the Quad and around the Alma Mater statue.
  • PowerPoint  Templates
    These university-branded PowerPoint templates can be freely used in presentations.
  • Research Poster Template
    These editable templates for printed research posters are in the most common poster size (48” × 36”) and orientation (horizontal).
  • Recording In Progress Signs
    Print and post these signs to inform event participants that the event is being recorded or filmed.
  • Campus Digital Signs
    The IT-managed campus digital sign service is an effective way of sharing your message across campus.
  • Event Planning Resources
    Get connected with campus resources for planning and running events.
  • Brand Resources and Guidelines
    The university’s official branding guidelines, including logos and official colors, PowerPoint templates, vexilla and stationery.
  • Freedom of Information Act
    All Freedom of Information Act requests are processed through the Office of University Relations.
  • Emergency Web Alerts System (EWAS)
    The Emergency Web Alert System (EWAS) is a component of the campus Illini-Alert system and allows Public Safety to post emergency messages on all participating campus websites.
  • Historical Markers
    A number of bronze markers have been placed in historic locations on campus. This page provides information about those markers.
  • Land Acknowledgement Statement
    The land acknowledgement statement is an expression of gratitude and appreciation to those on whose territory we reside, and a way of honoring the Native peoples who have been living and working on the land from time immemorial.
  • Trolling Attacks on Scholars
    The Office of the Provost provides support to faculty and other scholars who are the subject of trolling attacks. Online resources are available for both faculty and unit executives.