Illinois in a Box

Illinois-branded materials for your events

Public Affairs can help bring the orange-and-blue spirit to your unit’s event with our Illinois in a Box service. Illinois in a Box provides up-to-date resources, on loan, for free or at a minimal cost. Our Illinois-branded display materials and supplies can be customized to your event needs.

Available items include banners, tablecloths, props for photo opportunities, issues of the On Campus magazine, Illinois By The Number info cards, giveaway prizes and small for-purchase Illinois-branded items like luggage tags, notecards, lanyards and more.

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Get Help

If you have questions about Illinois in a Box items or an order that you placed, call 217-300-8679.

Things to know


All faculty members and staff are eligible to reserve and use Illinois in a Box resources for presentations to external audiences. Public Affairs reserves the right to refuse the use of materials, especially when multiple requests are received for the same dates or overlapping dates.

Reservation process for on-loan items

A few things to consider before ordering your materials:

  • The dates the materials will be picked up and returned.
  • The reservation form must be submitted at least two (2) workdays prior to your event.
  • Are you picking the right materials for your event’s intended audience?
  • Will there be a table at your event?
  • How much space will you have?

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation will be sent via email within one day.

Pickup process

  • Pickup of all materials will be at 507 E. Green Street, Suite 319, Champaign.
  • Pickup will require completed and signed check-out form. A Public Affairs staff member will take you through the forms.
  • Items for purchase should be paid for using a FOPAL number on the order form or at the time of pickup.

Return process

  • Unused purchased items cannot be returned for reimbursement.
  • Return of loaned items will be in the same location, 507 E. Green Street, Suite 319, Champaign.
  • The return process will include the completion of a check-in form. This document confirms that the borrower has returned all loaned items, and that those items are not damaged beyond expected wear and tear. A Public Affairs staff member will complete the form with you.