Media Training

A news media interview is an opportunity to deliver your story. Our media relations experts can teach you the essentials to effectively share your stories with the media. Experts in your college, school, program or unit may feel comfortable in conducting news media interviews in their areas of expertise; media training can build confidence and skills but is not essential for every situation.

Types of training

Custom training for individuals. When someone has scheduled an interview with a media outlet, Public Affairs can prepare them to tell their story. This type of training could be helpful, for example, when a prominent national news organization seeks to interview a faculty member for a story, or an expert on campus recently wrote a book and has a number of interviews lined up to promote it.

Training for teams. This is typically a proactive skill-building session where teams can gain new skills in interacting with the media.

Training topics

  • How the media works and what makes the news
  • How to respond to media inquiries and interview tips
  • How to craft key messages and communicate them effectively
  • Key aspects to radio and TV interviews
  • Steps to take after the interview

Things to know

If you have upcoming interviews scheduled, provide background to Public Affairs before the training. This will allow us to give you as much contextualized help as possible.

For more information

To schedule a media training session for your team or unit, please contact News Bureau Director Steve Witmer at

To schedule individual training to prepare for an upcoming interview, please contact