Webtools is a free application suite provided by the Web Services unit in Public Affairs.  

Each application is designed and developed to meet the unique needs of the university community in providing in-house communications solutions to faculty and staff on all campuses. 

Webtools was first released in 2004 with two services and has grown to 16 services powering campus blogs, calendars, directory, forms, surveys, emails and more. 

Webtools features include:

  • Enterprise communication and marketing solutions 
  • Blogs and webpage services 
  • Bulletins for sending weekly general-interest newsletters 
  • Web calendars for units and departments feeding into the master campus calendars 
  • Web forms and surveys for collecting data 
  • Email+ for emailing services 
  • Massmail for communicating with targeted campus audiences 
  • Short URLs for redirecting your long URLs 
  • Group Manager for managing all of the groups and users served by Webtools 
  • Campus Directory for managing profiles 
  • Services are continuously enhanced and improved 

Who can access Webtools 


The Webtools security model allows for many different levels of access including admins, managers, CCOs, unit admins, campus admins and System admins. This model allows complete flexibility for the 750 units using Webtools to configure and implement a strategy that works no matter the size of the unit’s IT team.

Additional resources


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