Illinois Video Database 

About the Illinois Video Database 

The Illinois Video Database is created and maintained by the Video Services unit in Public Affairs. By supplying high quality video b-roll of campus, the Video Database will raise the quality of video productions of all campus units. It provides shots that unit communicators would not have the time, equipment or expertise to create on their own, including drone shots. 

The Illinois Video Database includes large, 4K-resolution shots culled from the past several years of Video Services’ cost-recovery productions.   


The Illinois Video Database is primarily intended for production of marketing/promotional videos for campus units  

The Illinois Video Database can also be used as a classroom resource for video projects. A faculty member will have to register their students and explain the terms of use for student projects. All student access will end at the end of the spring semester. Returning students will have to be re-registered by a faculty/staff member. Student projects that use Campus Video Database resources may not be broadcast or published (including online). 


Registration can be found on the Video Services website.  

Content requests 

Campus communicators can submit content requests at any time by emailing  Video Services will occasionally pick off suggested new shots when the opportunity presents itself during our cost-recovery projects. Video Services will also set aside time to produce new shots specifically for the Video Database twice per year. Suggested new shots will be prioritized based on their usefulness to other video producers, gaps in our coverage and assistance available through the units to gain access to location, schedule shoots and secure people to populate the shot when needed. 


Can my off-campus vendor use the Video Database? 

Shots pulled from the Video Database can be provided to vendors who are working for a campus unit to produce marketing/promotional videos. A terms of use agreement for vendors is provided. Vendors may not access/download video resources on their own. 

Can my student worker gain access?  

Yes, a student who is producing promotional/marketing videos for your unit can be given student access for an academic year. Their access will end at the end of the spring semester. Returning students will need to be re-registered by a faculty/staff member. 

What if I don’t see the shot I need? 

New shots can be suggested at any time by emailing Unfortunately, Video Services cannot fill these immediately, but they will be added to our list of new shots to consider during two set-aside periods per year exclusively for generating new Video Database b-roll. Meanwhile, we would suggest posting a shot request on the Campus Videographer’s listserv, in case another campus videographer can provide it. 

Does the Video Database include shots from the UIC and UIC campuses? 

Shots from UIC and UIS are not included in the first release, but will be added in the future. 

Can I submit shots for inclusion in the Video Database? 

No. At this time we are not accepting submitted shots.  

What format is used for the video clips?  

All the clips are in the .mp4 format because that is the most broadly useful. All shots have been color corrected and are drop-in ready.

Why can’t student projects created with Video Database resources be published online?   

Video Services in Public Affairs primarily serves campus communicators, and the first priority of the Video Database is providing shots that will enhance and raise the quality of promotional and marketing videos. As such, we restrict the publishing of student (classroom) projects to protect against over-exposing and devaluing our shots. Campus drone shots, for example, are widely used and very expensive to generate. We want them to have maximum impact when used for projects. 

Additional resources and related topics 

Storyblocks: Storyblocks provides free-to-use off-campus b-roll, motion graphic templates, off-campus still images and music beds. 

Campus Videographers Listserv: The campus videographers listserv is a place to connect with video producers all across campus. Thrice-yearly workshops provide instruction and insights on all aspects of producing videos for the Illinois campus, and give you first access to new resources and tutorials. 


Have questions or suggestions? Contact E. Todd Wilson, 217-333-4059 or

General questions on video production? Contact an expert: